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Contin is the Most Complete Admin Template.
Translation system, Data loading by ajax, editable events, many charts type and settings reminder cookie are available.


contin bootstrap4 admin template
14 Header colors, Mini or hidden Light and Dark Left Sidebar, Collapsed right Sidebar, Mega menu, This Admin Template has Unlimited Layout possibilities.
bootstrap 4 admin with white theme

White Sidebar

bootstrap 4 admin with dark theme

Dark Sidebar

bootstrap 4 admin with mini sidebar

Mini Sidebar

bootstrap 4 admin with hidden sidebar

No Sidebar

bootstrap 4 admin with colored header

Header Colored

bootstrap 4 admin with right sidebar

Right Sidebar

It's suitable with many kinds of business such as Corporate Website, Designer and Creative Agency, Financial, Building, Medical and many others.
bootstrap 4 admin: inbox page

Inbox Page

bootstrap 4 admin: chat page

Chat Page

bootstrap 4 admin: calendar page

Calendar Page

inbox bootstrap 4 admin: helpdesk page

Helpdesk Page

bootstrap 4 admin: contact list page

Contact List Page

bootstrap 4 admin: shop list page

Shop List Layout Page

bootstrap 4 admin: shop grid page

Shop Grid Layout Page

bootstrap 4 admin: product page

Product Page

bootstrap 4 admin: blog list page

Blog List Page

bootstrap 4 admin: blog grid page

Blog Grid Layout Page

bootstrap 4 admin: post page

Blog Post Page

bootstrap 4 admin: invoice page

Invoice Page

And many more... Contin, it's 85+ Html Pages.


  • Latest Bootstrap 4.
  • I18next integration.
  • i18nextBrowserLanguageDetector for language switcher.
  • i18nextXHRBackend to manage translation Json files.
  • jQuery Plugin for Cookie to remind Settings choice.
  • Gulp files included.
  • Browser-sync watching included.
  • Sass source code.
  • Datatable Ajax loading integration.
  • Additional color schemes.
  • Super Responsive.
  • FullCalendar with ajax data.
  • Seo Optimization.
  • Meta Tags and structured data present.
  • Preserved image aspect with ratio predefined.
  • Box layout with ratio predefined.
  • Google font.
  • Html Editor.
  • Tags Editor.
  • Dropzone upload.
  • Multiple Charts Scripts.
  • Settings Reminder by Cookie.

What is include

For Node development

  • Blocks, Components and Html files with commented code.
  • Sass code for the application stylesheet.
  • Js files.
  • Gulp file to minify, undocumente and optimize code and images.

For Html development

  • Documented Html files ready for theming.
  • Javascript, css and stylesheet icons.

Not included

  • Images on preview are for description only and not included in the theme.


  • Bootstrap 4
  • Gulp
  • Sass
  • Jquery
  • Datatable
  • FullCalendar
  • I18Next
  • I18Next Browser Language Detector
  • I18Next XHR Backend
  • Masonry
  • Charts.js
  • ECharts
  • FlotChart
  • Sparkline
  • Cropper
  • Swiper
  • Bootstrap Slider
  • Gmaps
  • Ion Range Slider
  • Input Mask
  • Moment
  • SweetAlert
  • Toastr
  • Tempus Dominus
  • mCustomScrollbar.


We are here to help you with any question you may have. Please post a ticket on our support and we will answer you as soon as possible. Note that we are living in Europe and our time zone is Paris/Berlin.